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September eNewsletter

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Welcome to our September eNewsletter!

It’s National Honey Month! This month’s eNewsletter features a giveaway with local made honey products from Wakefield Apiaries in celebration.

Find out more about our monthly giveaway in our eNewsletter by downloading it below or from the excerpt below.

This Friday is the final Food Truck Friday! The last Food Truck Friday will be at Lyons Falls. We can’t wait to see you there! This eNewsletter also has updates on the Fall Foliage Tour, a big thank you to one of our Members, and more!



A Message from the Executive Director

Dear Chamber Members,

“Anticipation” represents this time of year perfectly. School starts for all of our littles. Black bear season is coming, then bow-hunting followed by Halloween. Rifle season comes in, along comes Thanksgiving, and finally black powder week in early December leading up to Christmas and New Year’s. Before then… wood has to be split and stacked to dry in the late summer sun, kindling bundled into one of the stalls of the wood shed, apples picked and put into the cellar, potatoes and onions dug, dried and stored. Before deer season, one also needs to spend a few days in the woods, looking for a good bunch of rubs along established trails. Fall also is the time to get the sugarbushes in order – lines repaired, taps checked, machinery cleaned and tuned up in anticipation of the first thaw.

Fall is coming when you feel that first cool breeze, the one that slips its way through the woods then out across the meadows while you are finishing up the last summer mowing. It’s the first smell of damp leaves and ferns, of moss and ripe apples, familiar scents to us locals. And that brings to mind all the fall seasons we have experienced before: the first sounds of a buck moving through the dried leaves & undergrowth; a pheasant exploding up into the air and into the bushes; or sunrise peeking over the Adirondacks, freshening the dark landscape. Now it’s time to put jars of honey and maple syrup on the back of the wood cookstove so they pour better. And it’s time to check your apples so that one bad one won’t ruin a whole barrel. And please… don’t store them with potatoes.

As September settles in, I start to think that anticipation is the most gripping of human emotions, especially when we cherish a season that is so short-lived. Fall quickly turns to a long winter here in Lewis County. But I suppose, that’s no different than life. The sweetest years are those that foreshadow the end of something rather than a beginning. Or maybe we misjudge winter’s darkness. The fading away is just another season, one that leads to rebirth and spring. And besides, for our snowmobilers and bakers, winter is the best of times. 

But Upstate New Yorkers rarely indulge in theoretical meanderings this time of year; it interferes with our work and, at times, our play. And there you are. Time to get busy for the season ahead, keep our heads down, head to the Cream Cheese Festival and enjoy a crisp apple or a thick smear of salted butter on dark bread before we are under blankets of snow.

Happy September everyone!

Kristen Ward Aucter

Executive Director

Monthly Giveaway

This months giveaway is for National Honey Month! Wind locally made honey products from Wakefield Apiaries and 1 item of choice from the ADK Tug Hill Shop.

In order to enter the giveaway tag a friend on our Facebook or Instagram post!

The winner will randomly selected on September 16th!

September Giveaway Photo with giveaway description
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