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144 Envelopes Fundraiser 2021

Thank you to everyone who participated in our 144 Envelopes Fundraiser this Spring! Every envelope sold (whether a winning envelope or not) helped us in our efforts to make Lewis County a better place to live, work, and play.

The money made from this fundraiser goes towards the Chamber of Commerce, local businesses, the Lewis County Mural Project, and Leadership Academy.

About $5,000 raised from the Fundraiser went directly to our businesses – as we purchased each prize from the businesses directly. The remaining funds raised go towards our efforts at the Chamber and our ongoing products within Lewis County.

Our ten winners were drawn on May 7th via Facebook Live.

Congratulations to our winners!

We have listed the Prizes below with a short description of what was inside – with the winner listed below the description.

  • Grand Prize
    • $1000 County Ca$h
      • Jenniffer Bleakley
  • Prize Grilling
    • $200 Red Barn Meats
    • $200 Adirondack Beef Company
      • Ashley Waite
  • Treat Yourself
    • $200 Tug Hill Artisan Roasters
    • $200 Mindful Motivation
      • Cindy Griswold
  • Gone Golfin’
    • $400 Carlowden Golf Course
      • John Campany
  • Car Care
    • $200 Tyro Automotive
    • $200 Hanno’s Home Town Car and Dog Wash
      • Michelle Nortz
  • Spring Garden
    • $200 Colwell’s Farm and Garden Market
    • $200 Guignards Greenhouse
      • Benjamin Lyndaker
  • Home & Hardware
    • $450 Farney’s Home and Building Center
      • Robin Grunert
  • Lewis County Cuisine
    • $100 gift basket of local goods
    • $300 gift card to Lowville Cheese Store
      • John Campany
  • Flower Power
    • $200 Sunnycrest Flowers
    • $200 Lisks Florals
      • William McManus
  • Get out & Explore
    • Osceola Ski and Sport Resort
      • Andrea Steria

We hope you enjoyed this fundraiser and that you look forward to joining us for the next one!

If you want to watch a video of the drawing itself – please click on the button below!

What is the 144 Envelopes Fundraiser?

A fundraiser to support local businesses and the Chamber.

It is a fundraiser to help our local small businesses & the Chamber to continue accomplishing our mission to promote business & economic activity in Lewis County. All prizes are being purchased from (not donated by) local Chamber businesses!

How does this fundraiser work?

Each envelope contains a corresponding number of entries in the prize drawing.

Envelopes 1-20 each have 20 entries in them, from Envelope 21 on each envelope has the number of entries tickets in it as the envelope is numbered. So envelope 123 has 123 entries, envelope 77 has 77 entries and so on.

If the envelopes are “too big” you can split them with a friend!

This year instead of raffle tickets and raffle ticket numbers your name and envelope number will be entered according to your envelope number. Meaning, if you buy envelope 118 your name will be entered 118 times under your name and envelope number, and etc.

When will the winners be drawn?

May 7th, 2021 is the day of the drawing!

We will draw the winners for all 10 packages on May 7th.

All raffle tickets go into the same pot and you have TEN chances to win! The bigger your envelope – the higher your chance of winning.

What can I win?

The grand prize is $1000 in County Ca$h!

What is County Ca$h you ask?

County Ca$h is a gift certificate program that works just like cash. Simply purchase your County Ca$h and spend it on whatever you want – merchandise, services, food, or gas at any participating business!

See what businesses are participating here:

The nine remaining prizes are listed below! (Information being updated soon)

Grand Prize

Win $1000 Dollars County Ca$h to spend at any local business participating in the program! To see who’s participating check out the merchants here:

Prize Grillin’ (Prize Package 2)

Do you love when the sun starts to stay out longer and longer and you can finally step outside without freezing to grill up whatever suits your fancy on that day? This package will get you delicious meat from Adirondack Beef Company and Red Barn Meats perfect for those warm grilling days. Valued at $400.

Treat Yourself (Prize Package 3)

Just what you need to relax (for a day or week). Get yourself some yumlicious coffee from Tug Hill Artisan Roasters and maybe some neat coffee accessories while you’re at it and then find your center at Mindful Motivation with a yoga or reiki session. Valued at $400.

Gone Golfin’ (Prize Package 4)

Get our on the green at Carlowden and enjoy the day by golfin’ away all the strain with this package! Valued at $400.

Car Care (Prize Package 5)

Who doesn’t need a car wash after all that snow, salt, and sand? Stop by Hanno’s Home Town Car & Dog Wash for a fresh look for your car (or dog!). Or stop by Tyro Automotive for some quick service at their quick lube center with no appointment needed oil changes & NYS Inspections. Valued at $400.

Spring Garden (Prize Package 6)

The sun has been sneaking out more and more – a sure sign that spring is here and summer is soon to come. Stop by Colwell’s Farm and Garden Market or Guignard Greenhouses for some beautiful flowers or more to plant in or around your home. Valued at $400.

Spruce it up! Home & Hardware (Prize Package 7)

Another thing spring tends to bring is – projects! Whether you’re looking to spruce up the inside or outside of your home Farney’s Home and Building Center has what you’re looking for. Valued at $450.

Lewis County Cuisine Trail (Prize Package 8)

We all know there’s nothing like local dishes and finishes to breakfast, lunch, dinner, or snacks! That’s why this package is dedicated to all the local delights from Lewis County that can be found on the Lewis County Cuisine Trail. Valued at $400.

What’s the Lewis County Cuisine Trail? Find out more here:

Flower Power (Prize Package 9)

Is spring driving you to redecorate or spread joy through flowers? This prize package is perfect for you! Get flowers and gifts for yourself or your loved ones at Sunnycrest Flowers & Gifts or from Lisk’s Florals. With this package valued at $400 you might just have all your holiday table centers covered for the rest of the year.

Get Out & Explore (Prize Package 10)

Looking for things to do in Lewis County? Osceola Ski and Sport Resort is perfect for you! They offer events in summer, fall, and winter. Look forward to mountain bike, biathlon, and running races, music and beer in the summer. Check their website for more information on their services: Valued at $400.