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County Ca$h

County Ca$h is a gift certificate program that works just like cash. Simply purchase your County Ca$h and spend it on whatever you want – merchandise, services, or food at any participating business!

What can County Ca$h be used for?

  • Easy gift-giving solution for employees, suppliers, customers, or family members.

  • Company rewards, incentives, safety awards, and thank you gifts.

  • Everyone gets exactly what they want, from where they want!

  • Great incentive to shop locally and help your community.

How it works:

  • A participating Chamber member accepts County Ca$h as regular payment – straight across dollar for dollar.

  • County Ca$h will be used ONLY for the purchase of merchandise or services.

  • County Ca$h should be treated as cash and is only valid if raised seal and authorizing signature is present.

  • County Ca$h should be presented to the merchant on or before the expiration date.

  • Merchants redeem County Ca$h for payment at the Chamber of Commerce, either by mail or in person, on or before the expiration date.

  • A check is written within 15 days to the merchant (when mailed) for the total amount of County Ca$h presented.

County Ca$h may be purchased at the Lewis County Chamber of Commerce by individuals, businesses, and nonprofit organizations for a variety of uses.

For more information contact the Lewis County Chamber at 315-376-2213 or email us at