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Maple March

Lewis County is rich in natural resources – and one of those resources in maple trees! Our county has many maple producers and this month we are highlighting our members who are maple producers! We will be updating this post with favorite maple recipes and profiles of our maple producers.

Favorite Maple Recipes

Sterling Valley Maple

Sterling Valley Maple, located in Croghan, New York, produces Certified Organic maple syrup and maple syrup products.
Maple has been a family tradition for generations, with Sterling Valley Maple officially incorporating in 2017.

Producing maple syrup in Lewis County is such a unique experience that we enjoy – there is a strong community of sugar makers who support each other, & a long history of understanding & producing maple Incorporating all of this past knowledge, we use a traditional wood-fired evaporator to bring out the familiar rich taste of maple syrup, along with modern methods and equipment, such as reverse osmosis, vacuum systems, & food grade tubing to ensure quality & efficiency.
Our products are currently shipped throughout the country daily.
All of our products can be ordered directly from our website,

Products Available

Certified Organic: Amber and Robust Maple Syrup–available in gallons, half gallons, quarts, and pints | Amber maple syrup in decorative glass–8 oz. and 12 oz. flat glass and various sizes of maple leaves | Maple sugar–available in pounds, half pounds, or bulk | Maple cream–available in pounds or half pounds | Maple sugar cakes–available pounds, half pounds, or small package

Non-Organic: Bourbon Barrel Aged Maple Syrup-available in 16oz. and 200ml glasses | Maple Glazed Walnuts-available in 3 oz. packages | Gift Boxes | Monthly Subscription programs

Lyndaker’s Maple Orchard

Lyndaker’s Maple Orchard is nestled on the edge of the Adirondack Park on the Soft Maple Reservoir in Lewis County, NY.

Where they produce some of New York’s Finest Pure Maple Syrup. Find their products on their website:

Established in 1926 from our Great Grandfather John Lyndaker, we are a 4th generation family operation maple producer. With all three generations working together at one time, they learned an aged old tradition of making maple syrup. Glenn and Nadeen Lyndaker with their three children, took over the operation in 1997. From starting out in 1926 with horse drawn sleighs, using wooden sap buckets to collect sap, to present day collection with a tractor collecting sap with along with an extensive tubing, gravity and vacuum system.
We still use some buckets in & around the sugar house.
The sugar house (or boiling shed) has seen many changes, from dirt floor and boiling sap in copper pans to cement floors & stainless steel pans with an air forced wood-fired evaporator. The wooden holding tanks have been replaced with steel also.
We have gone from tapping 300 to almost 3000 taps.
Taking pride in making our exceptional tasting maple syrup doesn’t stop there, we take great care of our woods, and have practiced good forestry management for sustainability that helps keeps our sugarbush healthy and productive for the future.

Products Available

Maple Syrup–available in sizes 50ml-500ml, pints – 5 gallons | Bourbon Barrel Ages Maple Syrup – available in sizes 100ml – 375ml | Flavor Infused Maple Syrup (Flavors Blueberry, Cinnamon Stick, Coffee Bean, Vanilla Bean) | Maple Spread| Maple granulated sugar | Maple Sugar Shapes | Maple Mustard | Maple Spice Shakers | Maple BBQ sauce | Maple Coffee | Maple Granola | Maple Coated Nuts

Yancey’s Sugarbush

Owned by Haskell, Jane and Timothy Yancey you can find Yancey’s Sugarbush in Croghan, Lewis County, NY. Yancey’s Sugarbush has been in operation since 1844.

“Yancey’s Sugarbush has been in operation since 1844. Haskell and Jane came on board as participants in running it in 1983. Tim grew up here, and started helping with management in 2009. Being Maple Producers is a big part of our lives – we enjoy interacting with people when they visit. It is a family tradition that Haskell and our children and one that we enjoy. We use a lot of Maple syrup – on breakfast cereal, in Spaghetti Sauce, in or on salads, in bread, in & on pizza, for many desserts and of course on pancakes and French Toast. Maple Cream on warm, buttered dinner rolls is a delight! These best way to purchase them is from us is at the boiling shed or from our home. We also ship products. Our contact number is 315-346-6356. We are open at the boiling shed anytime we are boiling – people should feel free to call and see what is going on. This year we ask that people wear masks and social distance.”

Products Available

Maple Syrup- in gallons, half gallons, quarts, and pints | Maple Sugarcakes – pound, halfpound, and individual wrapped | Maple Cream – pounds and half pounds | Granulated Maple Sugar – pounds, half pounds, 7oz shakers, 3oz shakers |

Silver Sap Maple

Owned by the Buells, you can find Silver Sap Maple in New Bremen in Lewis County, NY. Silver Sap Maple is a small business with big dreams. Visit them at their website:

“Silver Sap Maple was a hobby that bloomed into a gratifying family business. Our “Maple Man” and owner Brian Buell grew up gathering and boiling sap with his grandfather, Richard Campany, in Belfort, New York. As he grew older, Brian realized just how much he enjoyed the hard work that goes into each bottle of maple syrup and decided to tap some trees of his own. The rest is history! While our story began as a personal hobby, our young family decided that turning this pastime into a business would be a great way to show our children the value of hard work and expose them to entrepreneurship. We, along with all other Maple Producers, take extreme pride in our products and are constantly looking for ways to utilize this natural sweetener. Over the past few years, we have added thousands of taps throughout our property and we continue to plant hundreds of Sweet-Sap Silver Maple trees that produce sap with a higher sugar content. Although we are a small business, we have big dreams for the future of this maple syrup venture.”

Products Available

Maple Syrup- in gallons, half gallons, quarts, and pints in a variety of shapes and sizes!

Sugar Hollow Maple

Sugar Hollow Maple is a small, family owned and operated business remotely located in Watson, New York.

“Our maple tapping started as a “hobby” in 2015 and it grew from there. It was to be Spencer’s post retirement venture. Spencer has fond memories of time spent in his grandfather’s sugar house in South Colton, NY. We offer 100% natural maple syrup harvested from the trees surrounding our home. Our land is abundant with clear, natural springs, babbling brooks, deer, bear, and other wildlife. Our soil and water are pure and clean. We pride ourselves on paying extra attention to detail in order to produce syrup that meets our own extremely high standards before it leaves the sugar shanty. We boil all of our sap and bottle all of the resulting syrup in our family-built post and beam constructed shanty Our favorite thing about being a maple producer in Lewis County is the comradery amongst our fellow maple producers. We think our maple syrup is great for delicious Maple Snickerdoodles or for something a little less sweet as a Maple-Balsamic Vinaigrette.”

Products Available

Certified Organic Maple Syrup Bottled in Glass.

Call (315)376-4204, or by email Or visit their Etsy shop:

Maple Recipe Download

Looking to download the wonderful Maple Recipes our Producers provided? Get them below.