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LC33 Hiking Challenge

Welcome to the LC33 Hiking Challenge!


What is the LC33 Hiking Challenge?

A hiking challenge in Lewis County, NY – the Adirondacks Tug Hill Region. To participate in the hiking challenge – download the LC33 Hiking Challenge form (HERE) and get to hiking on our beautiful trails!

Hike thirty three miles of our approved hiking trails (listed below) and turn in your form and the $5 submission fee when you’ve finished to receive your letter of completion and LC33 award!

Please remember to respect the trails while out hiking and to leave no trace behind.

What trails does the LC33 Challenge include?

The list below includes all trails currently part of the challenge:

Where can I find a map/guide to these trails?

Click on any of the trails above to be redirected to the trail guide for that trail.

Or click HERE to download trail maps/guides.

How can I share my experience with the LC33 Hiking Challenge?

Do you want to share your photos and experiences with the LC33 Hiking Challenge? You can send us your photos at – please be sure to title the e-mail “LC33 Hiking Challenge Photos”.

Please remember to include information on which trail you took the pictures so that we can share them.

Or tag us @adirondackstughill on Instagram and share your experience with the hashtag #LC33

What is the deadline to complete the LC33 Hiking Challenge?

Your LC33 Deadline is the one you create for yourself! Complete it in a week, a summer, or a few years – it’s up to you! The most important part of the challenge is to enjoy yourself on the beautiful trails in the Adirondacks Tug Hill region – and to hike at least thirty three miles of them!

Hike Lewis County today!

Download the form here!

Who has completed the LC33 Challenge?

Are you looking to see your name in the LC33ers list? Click on the button below to see a list of everyone who has completed the LC33 Hiking Challenge!

Are any of your favorite Lewis County trails missing from our approved list?

Feel free to fill out the form below and share with us your favorite trail – and we’ll see if we can add it to our approved list and create a guide/map for the trail.