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Extending the Season in Northern NY -High Tunnels

Join CCE vegetable specialist Judson Reid and Elisabeth Hodgdon for an afternoon focused on maximizing vegetable yields in high tunnels to get the most out of the growing season. Growing in high tunnels offers several benefits: Reduced disease pressure, warmer temperatures and greater environmental control, increase crop yield, and season extension. However, managing high tunnel crops differs in comparison to field crops in several ways. Careful attention to irrigation, soil fertility, ventilation, variety selection, and pruning methods are needed to grow quality crops. In this program, Jud will discuss common pitfalls seen on farm and how to avoid them so that your tomatoes, cucumbers, and other warm season crops continue to produce quality crops throughout the summer and into the fall. Elisabeth will end the program by presenting variety trial research on early spring high tunnel salad cabbages and sprouting broccoli. These brassica crops present an exciting opportunity to increase May and June retail market offerings. 

Any Questions please contact Mellissa Spence at or call 315-376-5270

Please double check the time of the event with Cornell Cooperative Ext. of Lewis County. (The time provided is an estimate as it is a required field.)

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