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Dairy Day 2022

The Cornell Cooperative Extension is holding their Dairy Day 2022.

Find out more or register on their website: HERE

January 18, 2022—Dairy Markets and Business

· Dairy Market Update (Dr. Chris Wolf, Cornell University)

· Finding and Keeping Employees (Dr. Bob Ceglowoski, Rupert Vet Clinic)

· NY Dairy Business Benchmarks (Jason Karszes, Cornell PRO-DAIRY)

January 19, 2022—NY Dairy Research Updates

· NNYADP Calf Ventilation Project Case Studies (Tim Terry, Cornell PRO-DAIRY)

· NNYADP Transition Cow Management and Nutrition (Casey Havekes, CCE NCRAT)

· NYFVI On-Farm Management: Areas of Excellence and Opportunity (Lindsay Ferlito, CCE NCRAT)

· NYFVI Forage Variability on NY Dairies (Dr. Kristan Reed, Cornell University)

· NY Dairy Labor Updates (Dr. Richard Stup, Cornell University)

· Heat Stress on Dairies (Emily Freed, Miner Institute)

January 20, 2022 —Animal Welfare and Industry Sustainability

· Dehorning Best Management Practices (Alycia Drwenke, UC Davis)

· Transition Cow Welfare (Dr. Trevor DeVries, University of Guelph)

· Dairy Genetics Updates (Dr. Kristen Gaddis, Council on Dairy Cattle Breeding)

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