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Event Category: Marketing and Advertising

Cost $40.00


Community Advertisement is critical for Local Community Businesses and Nonprofit Organizations, but if you don’t know what to advertise or who to advertise with, you are wasting money and time. Join many community-based media and marketing professionals to find out the most beneficial ways to advertise!


  • Developing Communication Plans to Reach your Target Audience Through Affordable and Free Channels
  • How to use Community-Based Media/Marketing Businesses to Leverage your Nonprofit
  • Live Interviewing on TV, 3 Different Types of Interviewing, Promoting Events in Community, Event Marketing, Interesting Stories and Interviews when Something Bad Happens
  • Creating Promoting Videos with Local Philanthropy Nonprofit Organizations
  • Press Release Process and Content, What On and Off the Record Means and Relevant Reporter Information
  • Zoom Interviews: How do you Frame Yourself – Lighting, Microphones, Etc.
  • Writing Press Releases and How to Get Your Information Out
  • Radio Interviewing and the Importance of Having the Same Message

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